Physical and Online Stores, our Business Partners

Introducing stores that carry Krimgen products. We are only introducing some of our stores; we currently have many business partners in the United States, the Netherlands, Finland, Australia, China, and Taiwan. We regularly open stores at large-scale events in Japan. Please use a store near you.

Krimgen atelier & store
Hacchobori 12-15, Naka-ku, Hiroshima, Japan
Krimgen's Official Online Store:

Lotti , Kagawa, Japan 
絲 itoito , Nara, Japan

月和十星 Moon and ten Stars
, Guiyang, China

菓ノ文具曲, Taichung, Taiwan (台湾)
菓ノ文具曲 IG
Cafe Analog, The Netherland (オランダ)
Paperimuru, Finland (フィンランド)
Kuldlelu, Finland (フィンランド) 
小小世界, Guiyang,  China  
屋外森集, China (中国)  
a balnk note (North America)
Papergame (North America)
CherryLetters (Texas, USA)  spicaのおやつ, Tokyo, Japan