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tigers&Babies memo pad

tiger series rubber stamp

No.146 シマエナガ option stamp

No.146: My Heart rubber stamp

postcards for winter season

print frame, angel and tree

print frame, cat and girl

No. 133: EMI with Bunny, collaborated with CAFE ANALOG

Four seasons with Japanese texts, はる (spring)、なつ (summer)、あき (autumn)、ふゆ (winter)

"Outfits" rubber stamps

No. 142 to No. 145, Four Seasons, without texts

No. 139: Angels and Bears (20x40mm)

No. 139: Angels and Bears (20x40mm)

mini wood frame "mushroom child"

mini wood frame "cone hat"

No.138: Gift for You (40x35mm)

No.137: Postmark (Child and Bear)

Christmas 2021 postcards

No.136: Tiger Cub rubber stamp

memo pad, 120x80mm, 40pages

Sami children rubber stamps

Sticker Sheet

"Starlight" washi tape

Calendar book A5, for 2022

A6 cakendar book, 2022

Starlight postcards

Halloween Night postcard

Halloween memo 80x80mm, 20 pages

Little Witch memo, 20 pages, 80x80mm

No.132: Watering

No.132: Little Witch

No.130: Happy Halloween, 20x40mm

No.129: Christmas Night, rubber stamp

No.128: mushroom children, rubber stamp

mushroom children postcard

Traveling, Writing, and Reading rubber stamp

Traveling, Writing, and Reading rubber stamp

memo pad "mushroom children"

"mushroom children" washi tape

Canpanula postcard

Postcard, Boy and Teddy Bear

"Moon BOat" memo pad, 120x80mm, 40pages

#118, Reading, 50x50mm

#118, Reading, 50x50mm

memo pad (100x80mm), "Apple" and "House", 20 pages

rubber stamps, No. 119 to No. 122, small lovely teddy bears

memo pad (100x80mm), "Apple", 20 pages

memo pad (100x80mm), "House", 20 pages

Postcards 2021 Summer

sticker sheet, size A5
This sticker is made with the same paper of masking tapes.

postcards from 21K-17 to 21K-25

A4 posters

Art Book "2021 Spring and Summer"

#117: 50x50mm, exclusive sale for 小小世界 for one year
(you can purchase at wholesale price from the retailer.)

#115 and #116, 20x30mm

#113 and #114, 25x25mm, 20x30mm

#111: 50x50mm, exclusive sale for 小小世界 for one year

#112: Mushroom GIrl, size 20x30mm


Teddy Bears in the Rain

memo pad: 120x80mm, 40 pages

memo pad: 120x80mm, 40 pages

masking tape: 25mmx5m


21K-11: Kinderspiel postcard

square memo pad "Flower Train"

memo pad "Forward Roll" 120x80mm, 40 pages

square memo pad "Bouquet"

No.109 30x30mm

No.108 20x20mm

No.107 20x20mm

No.106 bouquet

21K-8: Forward Roll

masking tape "Forward Roll", size: 20mmx5m

21K-09 Cherry Orchard

No.105 Happy Birthday




21K-6, 21K-7, letter type postcards

"Boy and Yellow Roses" postcards
For some one special...

"Blue Flowers" postcards

"Flower Wreath" postcards


"Blue Flower (two girls)" memo pad

"Blue Flowers (violine boy)" memo pad

No.99 and No.100 (20x30mm)

"Blue Flowers" masking tape

No.98 (20x20mm)


No.94 to No. 96 Angel instrument series

No.91 to No. 93 Teddy bear series, 20x30mm each

No.90 Snow Fairies (20x30mm)

No.89 Postmark

No.88 Snow Fairy

No.87 Poppy Flower


No.85 Dress Up Girl set

85 variation

#85 series (set of 18 rubber stamps)
1x (20x30mm)
16 x (12x12mm)
1 x (20x20mm)



Happily Ever After series (large rubber stamps bout 40x50mm)


No.78 to No.81

No.76 and No.77

No.73 to No.75

No.71 and No.72

No.59 and No.70

No.57 and No.58



No.53 and No. 54


No.45 to No.51

No.42 to No.44

木綿花 black

木綿花 white

No.36 to No.41

Bubble Tea (for 台湾 series)


Singing Angel


No.25 to No.30 rubber stamps

#21 - #24

#14 - #20

#11 - #13

D1 to D6 series

V1 to V4 series (Victorian)

B1 and B2

N1 to N6 series

large rubber stamps series 40x50mm

2016 old series

2014-2015 old series

2014-2015 old series

#1 - #10

D series

print wood frame (6.5x6.5cm) "Jumping"

print wood frame (6.5x6.5cm) "polar bear"

retro memo (20 pages) "Girl and Cat" (made from "Orihime" Paper)

retro memo (20 pages) "snow fairies" (orihime paper)

Poostcards for winter 2020

"Angels" memo pad, 120x80mm, fullcolor 40pages

Postcards for winter season, themed Angels

"Angels" masking tape (washi tape) 25mmx5m

6.5cmx6.5cm mini wood frame, "Reading"
(Printing picture with wood frame)
There are other desings, please ask us : )

6.5cmx6.5cm mini wood frame, "Girl and Puppy"
(Printing picture with wood frame)
There are other desings, please ask us : )

postcards in winter, 2020

postcards in winter, 2020

#86, Ballerina and Black Cat
30x32mm (rubber cut type)

Memo Pad "Mushrooms"

Monochrome Memo Pad "Puppy and Girl", 20 sheets

Masking Tape "Mushrooms", 20mm x 5m

Postcard "Chicory Fairy"

Postcard "Three Babies"

Postcard "紫陽花と黒猫"


Memo Pad "Poppy Flower", 80x80mm

Memo Pad "White Clover", 80x80mm

Memo Pad "Chicory Fairy", 120x80mm

Masking tape "Flowers and Numbers", 25mm x 5m

2020 Spring-Summer postcards

2020 Spring-Summer postcards

2020 Spring-Summer postcards

2020 Spring-Summer postcards

square memo pad, 80x80mm, 40 pages

Masking Tape "Life" (20mm x 5m)

memo pad "Life"

masking stickers (washi stickers) "Life"

Postcard "Bears"

Postcard "Platform" (left), and "Farewell" (right)

Postcard "Rainy Days" set

Postcard "Teddy Bears" set

Postcard "Sakura (Cherry Blossoms)" series, set of 2

Postcard "Flower" series, set of 2

Postcard "Odekake" series, set of 2

"Breads & Stars" masking tape (washi tape)
20mm x 5m

"Bears" masking tape: 25mm x 5m

#76 (Bumblebee) and #77 (Ladybug) rubber stamps,
58mm x 52mm x 24mm (Height)

"Vintage Frames" masking tape: 20mm x 5m

Rubber stamp
#73 Two Bears

Rubber stamp
#74 Chasing

Rubber stamp
#75 Ribbon Girl & Teddy Bear

Washi Sticker (Size A5, one sheet)

memo pad "Animals", 120x80mm, 40pages

Masking tape "Animals" 25mm x 5m / 1 roll

memo pad "Holding Hands" 120x80mm, 40 pages

postcards November release

Picture book "Nostalgia"
30 pages (incl. covers)
size A5 (148 x 210mm)

masking Tape: "12 constellations", 25mm x 5m / 1 roll

Masking Tape: "Holding Hands", 25mm x 5m/ 1roll

Masking Tape: "Outfits", 20mm x 5m/ 1roll

12 constellations masking tape (25mmx5m)

Memo pad "Odekakekumanoko"
120x80mm, 40 pages

Masking Tape "Odekake Kumanoko"
25mm x 5m

masking tape "Sakura (cehrry blossoms)' 25mm x 5m (1roll)

masking tape "cats' 15mm x 10m (1roll)

masking tape "happiness' 15mm x 10m (1roll)

masking tape "Snow Fairies' 15mm x 10m (1roll)