It is a list of products wholesale is currently available. If you are interested in wholesale please request a quote on the mail form. (Selling prices: postcards 162yen, masking tapes 648yen, Rubber Stamps 918yen, and memo sheets 324yen, memo pads 594yen, Bookmarks 150yen, calendar 1080yen, these are not the whole sale prices. Please ask me directly if you are interested in it.)

2020 Calendar, 16 pages, size A5 (A5 book calendar)

2020 Calendar "12 constellations", 12 pages, size 190x128mm 

12 constellations rubber stamp, No.59 to No.70

masking Tape: "12 constellations", 25mm x 5m / 1 roll

Masking Tape: "Holding Hands", 25mm x 5m/ 1roll

Masking Tape: "Outfits", 20mm x 5m/ 1roll

Set of 4 postcards, themed "Squirrels"

A4 desing paper (set of 10 sheets), Mushroom Forest

#57 (20x30mm) and #58 (25x25mm) rubber stamps

#56 rubber stamp (25x25mm)

#55 rubber stamp (20x50mm)

#53 and #54 rubber stamp (25x25mm, 12x40mm)

木綿花(black) rubber stamp (20x30mm)

木綿花(white) rubber stamp (20x30mm)

Rubber stamps: N-1 to N-6

Bubble Tea rubber stamp (20x30mm)

Postcards (teddy bearts and squirrels)

12 constellations masking tape (25mmx5m)

12 constellations Postcards (100x148mm)

Postcards Early Summer

Postcards Early Summer

Postcards Early Summer

Postcards Early Summer

Memo pad "Odekakekumanoko"
120x80mm, 40 pages

Masking Tape "Odekake Kumanoko"
25mm x 5m

No.52, "cats" rubber stamp
15mm x 58mm

small pouch bag
silk screnn print

bag with string
silk screnn print

shopping bag, size A4, no width
silk screen print

mini notebook (48 pages, blank note inside)

postcards (100x 148mm) Spring 2019



120 x 80mm memo pad (40pages)

120 x 80mm memo pad (40pages)

No.45 to 51, rubber stamps (released in 2019 Spring)

masking tape "Sakura (cehrry blossoms)' 25mm x 5m (1roll)

masking tape "cats' 15mm x 10m (1roll)

masking tape "happiness' 15mm x 10m (1roll)

masking tape "Snow Fairies' 15mm x 10m (1roll)


12x40mm thin rubber stamps

12x40mm thin rubber stamps

No. 36 to No. 41, rubber stamps

No. 32 to 35, rubber stamps

No. 31 "Letter Cat" rubber stamp

Rubber stamps, No. 25 to 30, 20x30mm

Rubber stamps, No. 21 to 24, 20x30mm, and 25x25mm

Rubber stamps, No. 14 to 20, 20x30mm, and 20x20mm (no.20)

Rubber stamps, D1 to D6, 20x30mm, and 20x20mm (D5)

Rubber stamps, 20x30mm (V1, V2), 20 x20mm (V3, V4)

Rubber stamps, 20x30mm (B1 and B2)

Rubber stamps, 20x30mm (No.11 to 13)

Rubber stamps, 20x30mm (No.1 to 10)